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Startup Costs Estimator

This calculator will tabulate your business startup costs including legal fees, office supplies and equipment, marketing costs, and the funds that will keep you running, like payroll, monthly expenses and inventory.

There are many costs you need to take into consideration before starting a small business. Expenses associated with starting a new company can include building your business location, branding your business (name/logo), accounting and legal expenses. It can also include equipment and materials needed to produce your product, furniture and other supplies essential for getting started

A big part of getting a business started is obtaining funding. Do you need a small business loan? Do you have enough money in the bank to cover your production expenses and payroll? Use this calculator to assess where you are and what your true start up costs might look like.

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Understanding Your Results

Before exploring this calculator familiarize yourself with some of the terms and definitions that are used in this financial tool.

Assets: Something of value that’s owned by an individual or business. A small business’s assets may include the money in its bank accounts, its inventory and equipment. If a business is owed money (i.e., has accounts receivable), those may also be considered assets.
Cash in bank: The total amount of funds a company has in its bank accounts.
Fixed assets: Long-term assets that aren’t easily converted into cash. These could include property, physical infrastructure and equipment.
Startup capital: The initial investment required to start a business. This includes funds to buy equipment, purchase supplies, hire employees, rent a space, pay for licenses and cover any other business expenses.
Startup expenses: Expenses before the starting date, such as legal, design, etc.
Startup inventory: The inventory needed to stock your store before starting business.

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